Ledenika SPA Village Resort is located in the north-west of Bulgaria only about 125 km. away from the capital Sofia. The site is situated south-west of the town of Vratza, 3 km. away from Ledenika cave and is on a hill overlooking the mountain.

Ledenika SPA stands within the territory of Vratza Balkan Nature Park, famous for its rich flora and fauna, as well as its unique karst limestones and numerous caves and cave fauna. Located in the western part of the Balkan Mountains, Nature Park Vratza Balkan attracts its visitors with a wealth of nature landmarks and cultural and historical heritage. It is one of the few beautiful and picturesque sites infamiliar for the public but still carrying Bulgarian tradition and waiting to be found by the travellers.

The name of the region originates from the name of the biggest town and economic center of north-western Bulgaria – the town of Vratza, also famous as a tourist center. Other towns in the area are Berkovitza, Vrashetz- famous for its mineral waters and balneotherapy, Chiprovtzi- famous for its carpets, Belogradchik- a very inetersting historical town. The nearby villages Pavolche and Zgorigrad- in the immediate vicinity of Holiday complex Ledenika SPA, will welcome all visitors with delicious food and local wines. 

Nature in this part of the mountains is really beautiful and unique and the park offers great opportunities for tourism. The area is the richest in caves in the country. Their total number is above 500 and special interest attract Ledenika, Temnata dupka (Dark hole), Zmejova dupka (Dragon hole), Haidushka propast (haidushka chasm), Gardujuva dupka, Kalnata propast (Muddy chasm), Nevestina propast (Bride’s chasm) and Sokolova dupka (Eagle hole). 

Vratzata rocks, a magnificent rocks formation, over 400 m. high is a very popular place for rock climbing in Bulgaria. The region is also popular for the unique Iskar river gorge, as well as Vratzata waterfalls, the Belogradchik rocks- a real phenomenon of Nature and the Roman fortress Kaleto.

The region offers great opportunities for cultural tourism, where one can visit a great number of monasteries and historical sites.